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Sisters Side by Side by Lady0Arachne
Sisters Side by Side
Yuuki and her fraternal twin, Soul, preparing for battle. Soul is a fire demon and Yuuki is a water demon. Two completely different persons who will stick together no matter what. :cuddle:

I have more drawings planned and I have the basics of the comic for them planned, too. It's coming along nicely, and I think the idea is pretty original. Sorry, I want to tell you all what it's about, but I'm extremely paranoid; I'm afraid that someone would steal the idea. I know, stupid, right? But I can't help but worry, so I'm going to put off telling you guys until I'm about ready to post the first issue. :shrug: :D

Stay tuned! :boogie:
New and Improved: Yuuki by Lady0Arachne
New and Improved: Yuuki
Here's the new and improved Yuuki, the fraternal twin to Soul! They are the exact opposite, but they love each other dearly. :happycry:

I had trouble drawing her, I couldn't get the head shape right and I don't know if I got her gentle look right either. I had forgotten to draw her horns and had to put them in at the last minute, they usually go through her bangs like Soul's does. Other than that, I think I did good, even with the hands! :boogie:

Three more first OCs to draw and then I'll continue to just draw them, to get used to drawing them after so long~! :giggle:

Edit: My mistake, I thought Soul had her horns coming through her bangs because that's how I used to draw her, but apparently I got them right. Sweet, I'm glad I didn't get Yuuki's horns wrong~! :dance:
New and Improved: Soul by Lady0Arachne
New and Improved: Soul
My first OC...I remember drawing her when I was 12, my drawing skills have changed so much. Drawing her felt so natural, it brought back so many memories. :cuddle:

I'm thinking about doing a comic with her and my other first OCs. I was planning on doing it when I created them, but my computer broke and I wasn't able to. :shrug:

I'm going to plan the story for now, once I get a computer I'll start getting to work on drawing it up. So look forward to that! :plotting:
CoryxKenshin, my Samurai brotha'~! by Lady0Arachne
CoryxKenshin, my Samurai brotha'~!
Not really my brother, but he's this awesome gaming youtuber that I've subscribed to about a month ago. If I knew how to post links on mobile phone I'll post a link of his youtube channel. :shakefist:

Sorry about the lighting, I accidently had the flash on without knowing that the flash had been the problem. :explosion:
Last week it had said I've been a deviant for 1 year, now it says for 2 years. Anniversary, anyone? :D
Hello, all! Yes, I know I haven't posted any type of drawing for years, I'm sad that I haven't. I look at my last submitted drawing and then I look at the ones I drew over the years and I can see a difference made, an improvement to my drawings; and I'm sad that I haven't shown any of you the same progress. I'm really sorry about that!

But that changes today! I am going to upload the drawings I've drew in my new drawing journal (which I have fondly named Carl) and after that I am going to upload each new drawing. I will be keeping you all updated this time! :D



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Lady Arachne
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I love to draw and I have started this account to help me practice and hopefully get some feedback on what mistakes I made and to see if my drawings are good or not.

I love watching anime and reading mangas so it isn't a surprise to me that I have created an anime version of myself and made my own OCs. Most of my drawings will have my OCs in them and I am hoping in the future to use my OCs to create a small manga or a big manga depending on how much I change in the future.

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