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deviation in storage by CinniMinn
deviation in storage by CinniMinn



Michael of the Gaia Tribe by Lady0Arachne
Michael of the Gaia Tribe
And here is the last of my first five OCs, Michael! Classic pretty boy with a huge ego, still love him despite his flaws! :cuddle: Now all five of my first OCs have been brought back and drawn in my current style, so happy about that! :dance:

First time drawing a character who is a bit buff, so the arm placement is a bit weird. :shakefist: But besides that I think he came out great! :boogie:

I'm planning on drawing them all together like I did for my first group drawing of them and having them in the same positions. I am going to enjoy comparing the two! It has been a long journey from getting to that to how I am now, and I wish I had been active enough to share that with you guys! But I'm here now and for any new develop you guys will be there to see, so yay to that! :clap:

And as always, this character and the art belongs to me. I've changed my name to something more original than LadyArachne. I was able to change my name to SpiderQueen Dez on every website I'm on (Twitter, Tumblr,, AO3) except for here. So please don't accuse me of stealing someone else's work! :please:
Jaidon and Skyler of the Wolf Clan by Lady0Arachne
Jaidon and Skyler of the Wolf Clan
Here are the other two of my first OCs, Jaidon and Skyler! Another set of fraternal twins! :giggles: When I had created these characters, twins were the thing I was most interested in, so it explains why there are two twins here. :lmao:

I drew Jaidon and Skyler together, because while Spirit and Yolanda are close, Jaidon and Skyler are much closer so drawing them separately seemed like it wouldn't be in their characters. They are always together, always there to keep an eye on the other to make sure that the other is safe and okay. I won't explain why they are like this as that will be a spoiler for the comic, so you guys are gonna have to make some guesses! :evillaugh:

Just one more character and all five will have been drawn to my current style which I am so happy about! :boogie:

Again, the watermark is my signature. I have changed my name to SpiderQueen Dez on every site I'm on (Twitter, Tumblr, AO3,, but on this one. I'm hoping to do so some time in the future, but at the moment I'm not able to. So please don't accuse me of stealing someone else's work! :please:
Hello, all! Yes, I know I haven't posted any type of drawing for years, I'm sad that I haven't. I look at my last submitted drawing and then I look at the ones I drew over the years and I can see a difference made, an improvement to my drawings; and I'm sad that I haven't shown any of you the same progress. I'm really sorry about that!

But that changes today! I am going to upload the drawings I've drew in my new drawing journal (which I have fondly named Carl) and after that I am going to upload each new drawing. I will be keeping you all updated this time! :D



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Lady Arachne
Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I love to draw and I have started this account to help me practice and hopefully get some feedback on what mistakes I made and to see if my drawings are good or not.

I love watching anime and reading mangas so it isn't a surprise to me that I have created an anime version of myself and made my own OCs. Most of my drawings will have my OCs in them and I am hoping in the future to use my OCs to create a small manga or a big manga depending on how much I change in the future.

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