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CoryxKenshin, my Samurai brotha'~! by Lady0Arachne
CoryxKenshin, my Samurai brotha'~!
Not really my brother, but he's this awesome gaming youtuber that I've subscribed to about a month ago. If I knew how to post links on mobile phone I'll post a link of his youtube channel. :shakefist:

Sorry about the lighting, I accidently had the flash on without knowing that the flash had been the problem. :explosion:
Last week it had said I've been a deviant for 1 year, now it says for 2 years. Anniversary, anyone? :D
Status update? Wow, that wasn't here the last time I was on Deviantart. Kind of cool. :D
Jack-O-Latern (2014) by Lady0Arachne
Jack-O-Latern (2014)
I never drew a jack-o-latern before, I think I did good. :D

When I was finished, I never noticed that the jack-o-latern was looking off to the side. And the blue background shading could have been better if the color pencil I was using hadn't kept breaking! The pencil sharpener I had was cheap. >:(

I plan on redoing this every year for Halloween, to see how much I improved from the last attempt. Let's hope that the 2015 jack-o-latern comes out better than this. :p
Lady0arachne- Aura by Lady0Arachne
Lady0arachne- Aura
I always imagined that my aura was blue, or something of a dark blue. As you all can see from my old version of myself, my hair had been cut; though it is lopsided. :p

Really wish I had a laptop, could have drawn this on Paint Tool SAI. Oh well, I drew this in Carl (my art journal), took me about an hour to do! :D
Hello, all! Yes, I know I haven't posted any type of drawing for years, I'm sad that I haven't. I look at my last submitted drawing and then I look at the ones I drew over the years and I can see a difference made, an improvement to my drawings; and I'm sad that I haven't shown any of you the same progress. I'm really sorry about that!

But that changes today! I am going to upload the drawings I've drew in my new drawing journal (which I have fondly named Carl) and after that I am going to upload each new drawing. I will be keeping you all updated this time! :D



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Lady Arachne
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United States
I love to draw and I have started this account to help me practice and hopefully get some feedback on what mistakes I made and to see if my drawings are good or not.

I love watching anime and reading mangas so it isn't a surprise to me that I have created an anime version of myself and made my own OCs. Most of my drawings will have my OCs in them and I am hoping in the future to use my OCs to create a small manga or a big manga depending on how much I change in the future.

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I really appreciate it!
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